About FranCon

What is FranCon?

FranCon Franchise Consulting is the leading franchise consulting company in  Finland. We have shared our knowledge since 1994. We have the best know-how for different phases of franchising and we work as a neutral and independent expert for our clients – the most successful franchising businesses in Finland. Our customers are mainly franchisors - starting and existing ones – who want to develop their franchising business. We also offer our services for international franchisors penetrating Finnish market as well as starting and operating franchisees, master franchisees and interest groups in the franchising sector.
FranCon is a Member of IFCN

FranCon is a member of International Franchise Consultants Network (IFCN). IFCN is your partner when you are planning to go international through franchising. IFCN's mission is to help franchise chains grow successfully. The network has members in almost all continents. More information: www.ifcn-international.com.

Our Values

We base our work on certain values: Quality, Creativity and Confidentiality. These values mean that:

  • Our offers are always tailored to meet our customers' need
  • Our aim is to create value for our customers - therefore our offers are based on a solution, not on time invested
  • Every contract includes strict confidentiality terms
  • Previous assignments are not used as references in acquiring new customers
  • We don’t have any ownership relations to our customer companies
  • We follow the general rules of management consulting (e.g. FEACO, ICMI)
  • We strive for promoting the ethical rules of franchising (e.g. those of Finnish Franchising Association and European Franchise Federation)
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